Triangle Periodontics

Dr. Otis Washington

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Welcome to Triangle Periodontics

At Triangle Periodontics, we are committed to providing the best possible yet conservative periodontal treatment. That care is always delivered with the utmost compassion and concern for your comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Otis Washington and our team are skilled and experienced professionals. We’re also personable, respectful, and supportive. We’re here to help you regain optimal dental health, with a focus on your unique periodontal concerns.

We understand you may have questions about periodontal care. We’ll talk with you about your specific oral health and why you’ve been referred to our office, and thoroughly answer your questions. Knowing your needs are unique, Dr. Washington will create a custom treatment plan that will restore your dental health and smile. We will review this plan with you, and explain each step, so you fully understand what we will be doing, and why.

Some of the care we offer:

The clear choice in the Triangle for Periodontal and Implant Dentistry. Triangle Periodontics serves Raleigh, NC and surrounding communities. To learn more about the gentle, smile-restoring care we offer, please call. Dr. Washington and our team look forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to optimal oral health.

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